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  • 11
  • Mar
New Semester Start

<p>Here at Lowell Academy, comes a new semester!</p> <p>School year is divided into 5 semester at Lowell Academy.&nbsp;</p> <p>Each 2 months, we have a new semester which is highly flexible for students to enroll frequently.&nbsp;</p>

  • 6
  • Mar
Establish Cooperation with TVO ILC

<p>Lowell Academy has officially established a cooperation with TVO ILC which is&nbsp;the Ontario Ministry of Education&rsquo;s designated partner in distance education.&nbsp;A full range of accredited online courses from grades 9-12 are offered now at Lowell Academy.&nbsp;</p>

  • 10
  • Feb
2019 Winter Camp is Successfully Over

<p>Today our winter camp is successfully over. We looking forward to everyone join us in summer time! Experience Canadian culture, sightseeing, and much more!</p>

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